Endings and beginnings, beginnings and endings

Every ending is a new beginning and every beginning hides or entails an ending.
I feel enriched and full of new impressions; in my mind everything is flowing around and I feel empowered to start a new semester with many different inspirations. The TKT-course has ended and the new semester will begin. During the last two weeks I had the opportunity to take part in a course for French teachers that was quite inspiring, too. But above all I could apply the themes learnt in our TKT course, I was able to connect and review our contents.
Having assisted to the TKT-course has answered to many questions I had before, and has made other questions come up. We have learnt so a lot about methodology, terminology, approaches, classroom management, the different protagonists in school, background to language learning and teaching, learning techniques and learning styles, back talking and other situations we as teachers and learners are confronted with in class. All the different blogs and homepages we visited and worked with, the new use of technology and its importance in our classrooms; new perspectives of Bloom’s Taxonomy… I could probably fill all these lines with the fascinating contents of our TKT classes here, but that is not the goal of my writing.
My own goals for the future are to never give up learning and always make myself get inspired by all the other people around, in this academic context mostly students and teachers.
I would like to find out more about how to “live” – that is to say: how to make real – a student-centred classroom and as Kathy Fagan says “I’d like to see the line between student, teacher, and the others at a learning institution eliminated completely and replaced with equal respect for our experience, skills, responsibilities, needs and aims.” (see: http://freerangekef.blogspot.mx/2012/12/should-we-be-student-centered.html#comment-form)
And I definitely want to become more transparent in my corrections and evaluations of students works; I want to be a guidance for the students in their self-learning process and want to work out together with them concepts of autonomy and a classroom that is full of motivation. Besides I also want to concentrate more on the elaboration of lesson-plans and the modality of different kinds of evaluations and note taking for me as a teacher.
There are many many goals for the future and one of them is to go on assisting to formations, workshops, preparation classes and to search the continuous exchange of ideas with other teachers, in real life face to face or via Internet, to keep on learning all together.


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