FAhrenheit 451 – the end of reading (skills)?


this has nothing to do with what we have been talking about in TkT classes – but, inspired by an article from a german magazine warning us about the decline of reading and lectures worldwide and the increasing influence of just audiovisual media – I came to read a summary of Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” and deeply wanted to recommend this book to you.

As we have been talking about reference sources and have seen Ellen’s books yesterday, I got inspired once more to think about reading and what it means to me. Reading and writing  – and why I want to teach those skills to students. So now here is the link where you could find a summary concerning Ray Bradbury; that perhaps could be used in some classes. In German classes I definetely will teach about this subject.


I would like to know about your opininons concerning this book, the author’s thesis or anything. Perhaps there is space in one of the following classes to discuss it more deeply or might be that some lessonplans concentrate on reading.




2 thoughts on “FAhrenheit 451 – the end of reading (skills)?

  1. I have read the summary of the book … it looks great!
    I think that some of the aspects in this science fiction story are more or less already true today: the amount of media cosumption, the destruction of nature, people with no chance to escape from advertising and his manipulation. And the burning of books, although it seems hard to believe, has happened several times in our history.
    I will have to read it all!
    Thanks for the recommendation!!! =)

    • Hello Adriana,
      oh great. I am happy you like the recommendation. I was thinking to use it in school, in classes- or in German or in English; anyway I think it coulde be inspiring for students and couls perhaps make them speak and rise their interest in reading.

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