Commenting on On-line speaking

This post is all about speaking and interacting via internet, exchanging connected speech.

What I find really interesting about techtefl and his list of links is the following program of Voxopop:

I think this could be a very good oportunity to prepare and work on oral skills; it’s all about speaking and communicating by connected speech; so each group member can apply subskills like intonation, stress, coherence by using his/her own voice and get trained in using oral language. For sure that it’s in a way similar to “normal” recordings, in which you neither can’t percieve body language, which in fact forms a great part of oral communication. But unlike traditional recordings on CD’s where you cannot ask the recorded person afterwards, you could in this case perhaps do so: In case you opened a group on Voxopop with a students’ group, you could afterwards in class refer to the recordings and the bodylanguage like gestures.

As Ian James himself posted in the power point presentation on his blog, using this app you can make debates, give opinions, build up stories, recommend books, films, music.

mailVU as well seems to be interesting as it deals principally with the student-teacher communication.

For my own lessons I would like to try using Voxopop and Voice Thread and I’m looking forward to apply it for German classes or French as well.

In this special case of English I would want to go back to my post on the lesson plan and the specific subject of “How to find the right Job” as I’m convinced students have a lot to say, discuss, debate and share about this topic; it’s a topic everyone can talk about and it might be a good opportunity in my case to just apply it as a following exercise in a future lesson; so that students build up a talk group and go on commenting and exchanging new experiences, after having spoken to their parents perhaps or having done further research on their own.



One thought on “Commenting on On-line speaking

  1. Judi,
    I have used both Voxopop and Voicethread in classes before and it seems that Voicethread has offered many options. Students have gone way beyond my imaginings and even uploaded multiple fotos that changes as they talk. They are both excellent tools…and get our students speaking! even outside the classroom!
    For example, during school strikes! šŸ™‚

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