Reflection on the four skills

As we have been talking in class about the different language skills and its subskills I would like to mention or discuss some homepages that deal with writing and its teaching in school, mentioned in the TKT course book ; some of these you can find below.….seems quite formal and serious to me; besides it could seem a bit long and very detailed for students, depending on their interest on the topic. As well as it could become a bit difficult to remember everything read, as there is no graphic organization. I would perhaps prefer or recommend to order everything read about into a graphic organizer to be able to summarize it and make it more concrete and understandable for students. But indeed, this work could be done by students to use the homepage here above.

The following link leads to a page of interest for students, as it’s well organized, very clear and short in it’s explanations and helpful giving students a check list for redraftign for example.

I do as well recommend the step “H.O.W. should your paper look like” that’s presenting a clear overview about every point of importance for a good paper. Being so compact and concrete makes this site very enriching for students as well as for teachers. Besides it is called “Projects by Students for Students” which could produce even more interest as far as students are concerned.

The third page quoted below is useful for smaller children as well as for young people as it focusses on main points of interest in writing a description, a commentary or a characterization for example. Please have a closer look at:




One thought on “Reflection on the four skills

  1. Judith,
    Definitely for long readings like the one from the archives, summarizing or even synthesizing on a graphic organizer is the key to get your students using reading subskills such as skimming and scanning.

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