Lesson plan homework for march 29

In the word document  here below you will find the lesson plan concerning reading activities in collaborative learning structures. It´s about a subject quite important for any young learner or young person in general as it deals with finding the right job, which in fact has a lot to do with knowing our own values and deciding on which way to chose.

My lesson plan is about the reading part of unit 10 in “New interchange. English for international communication”, a student’s classroom book that relates to intermediate learners’ level, between A2 and B1 according to CEFR. The text chosen by me is called “Find the job that’s right for you”, probably a newspaper article giving students some general information on the subject and besides one concrete example of a person searching and finding her right job.
The reading subskills students will train and use is: reading for detail.
The lesson plan is provided for about two hours. Here below you find the text that’s the basis for the reading activity (taken from page 65):


Text reading classbook




Graphic Organizers Lesson Plan


The word document “jobs” is for pre-reading; the one about “graphic organizers” to use for each one of the three lesson parts.


Here below you find the post-reading exercises taken from the book, page 65:

Post-reading exercise classbook

Besides I would like to mention Elena Aguilars page which could be quite inspirative:




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