Graphic Organizers (GO)

First of all I would like to mention that there’s a big quantity of graphic organizers to find on the web; I’ve concentrated on special forms that I like, sometimes for it’s metaphorical sense, having to do with going through a door, climbing up and down a ladder, moving all around in a constant movement (as we are doing while living while learning).

ladder  (taken from:

The ladder GO could be used for a writing exercice that makes students write a story’s ending for example or as well make them work in groups, so that every group member has got a ladder-GO to note down at the bottom and then give the paper to his neighbour who will write down on second step, guided by the first writer’s notes and so on until the ladder is filled so that the paper gets back to the principal author who now has to invent a story using all the others’ ideas and notes.

triangle  (taken from:


I would like to use the following organizer called “sense” in a class about text reading or listening at the point when students are asked to feel the text and its message; that’s to say in a somehow phantasy context. I would ask them after having read or heard the text to note down their first impressions concerning “a) how does the story look like for you? Could you describe landscapes, colours, certain images that come to your mind consuming these lines?  (here they could as well paint some images instead of writing down words) b) What does the story sound like? Is there any sounds you could imagine and add to the story’s reception?  c) What do you feel imagining to touch something that’s part of the story?   d) How’s the story’s taste ?  e) What do you smell while reading or listening?    For me this would be a during-exercice that’s applied to make texts and stories become alive in a very corporal, sensitive way. You could as well ask students then to close their eyes meanwhile.

sense_eng  (taken from:


Another one I find interesting is the one you can see down below:


(taken from:

I like these moving arms, it seems very organic, very alive to me and the colours, the painted pictures and all the hand writing is something I do learn with – but for sure, that’s just my way of learning and memorising, it’s helpful for me though for other persons might be disturbing. That’s why I come to the conclusion that it could be helpful to offer a certain kind of selection to the pupils/students so that it’s up to their own choice and preferences to choose the one they would like to use for a certain activity. For sure that doing so the teacher has to make a general selection before and offer different GOs for the same activity, let’s say concerning reading skills or – as in this case- oral production: I would use the GO above for a discussion that students prepare to exchange ideas and arguments in class in form of a discussion with different points of view.



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