Hello everybody, I’m happy to finally have checked in here. It wasn’t that easy to find a blog’s name. First I read the other blogs’ names and then I remembered a poem written by an african poet; she talks about reading and analphabetism and compares letters, words and texts to open windows throughout which you read the world and create your own small part of this big world’s history. She talks about african childs that are sometimes far away from education and she’s calling for support, saying that nobody has the right to denie these children open windows and doors (represented by letters, words, phrases, texts); that instead we should make them read. For me reading is opening windows and going for a walk on different paths. I’m looking forward to exchange ideas and paths with the group of us beginning tomorrow. – I just want to present myself briefly: I’m a German teacher, have finished my studies in Germany two years ago; over there I studied for becoming a teacher with the subjects Spanish, French, Philosophy and German as a foreign language. Now I’m living here in Mexico, Morelia and got the chance to work in different institutions like UVAQ, Planetario, Angloamericano and finally the Michoacana University; I like a lot to be and to interact with students’ groups. I’m 29 years old and do learn every day that learning is a lifelong process; being a teacher means for me being a student and go on learning all together; like I’ve mencioned above, it’s like discovering new paths every day.


2 thoughts on “Welcoming

  1. missmitzi93 says:

    What does your german title mean in English, french and spanish?
    I like the pallete of languages you chose to learn and teach. I also agree with you on the ¨learning&teaching¨ cycle. I am also in that beautiful life long circle, I am just beggining i bet compared to you though, hehe! 🙂 Im studying philosofy in UMSNH also, but I havn´t seen you around ther so I guess that you study/ied in some other school. See you next week güerita bonita 😛

    • Mitzi, hello:)
      my blog’s name/title is a mixture of the languages I’ve learnt and want to teacht: G(german)esp(espanol)engli(english)french man(german).
      Thank you for your comments; that was very helpful as I was not sure about the tree metaphor and if it would be understandable.

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